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1000’s of employees placed in jobs every month!

Continuous Innovation

Get to Know Us

As a diversified Staffing Leader,  we penetrate the clerical-light industrial sector of the market-place.

Our mission is simple "we offer customer value at every level"


We meet our client expectations, building long-term relationships that have created profit. 


Our internal management is the backbone of our success.   


Our client-oriented personnel at every level have become empowered to solve problems, ensuring us success. 


Our Team Work Only platform entails collaborative efforts of people to accomplish common goals. 


Job performance, company performance, product value and client satisfaction all improve with our Team Work Only platform.

We are a market-oriented company.  Our business development team is a company- wide strategy designed to optimize profitability, revenue and client satisfaction.  We simply provide value by meeting all the client demands. 

Get to know us!  We play to win!  Enjoy the relationship.

Vitality Staffing Solutions LLC is fully compliant, licensed, registered and insured in accordance to the department of labor Law S511 and the department of Consumer Affairs.

Whatever you're looking for, we've got it.

Vitality and the Supply Chain Industry 

Vitality Staffing Solutions LLC focuses on staffing all the upstream and downstream flow of products and services of each client.   Our ability to bend and not break give us our edge.  Our continuous recruitment and On-BOARDING OF APPLICANTS are continuous 24-7days a week.  We visualize the controls each Supply Chain maintains over their clients and we formulate a Staffing Plan associated with those controls.  We focus on supplying ample resources and maximizing our strengths at each level of the chain;  understanding supply and demand at every level.


In a mass production era,    we help to reduce waste and respond swiftly to sudden change in Staffing.  We give our clients what they want and make it easy to work with us.


Customer demand is greater than ever.  We balance demand with supply in order to ensure our clients complete success.


We are credible

We are cooperative

We support your requests.  We are partnering with members of the Supply Chain to  enhance customer value.

We accept short term and long term requests.  

We are effective. 

We are a direct link to relationship management,  service management,  demand management,  order fulfillment,  manufacturing flow management,  supplier relationship management,  product development and commercialization and returns management.  We sustain our relationships long term.

Vitality Staffing Solutions LLC.  Provides Workforce Solutions to customers in a variety of industries. We employ temporary associates in roles ranging from  unskilled production line helpers and laborers to highly credentialed skilled professionals. We have more than 50 years combined experience in management staff.

Vitality Staffing Solutions LLC., offers full service staffing solutions from Temporary, Temp to permanent and permanent placement.


Vitality Staffing Solutions LLC., is able to meet any requirements you may have, and we are fully prepared to facilitate any order large or small  within your organization.

Vendor Management Services

1. On site Managers

2. Training Programs

3. Production Results

4. Customized Billing

5. Electronic Time Clock for attendance

Industries We Serve
We are experts in managing workforce demands and offer job opportunities in the following industries:

Supply Chain Industry 3PL

  • Customer Relationship

  • Customer Service

  • Demand

  • Orders

  • Manufacturing

  • Supplier Relationship

  • Products

  • Returns

Administrative Staffing

  • Customer Service

  • Data Entry

  • Clerical

  • Receptionists

Light Industrial—Retail 

  • Pick / Packer

  • Scanner

  • Hand Fulfillment

  • Loader / Unloader

  • General Helpers

Skilled Industrial

  • Shipping / Receiving

  • Forklift Drivers / Reach Truck / Swing Reach / Order Picker

  • Quality Control (QC)

  • Warehouse Managers / Supervisors / Leads

  • Dispatcher

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